SOLVAY Chemicals is the world's largest producer of soda ash, hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate. It is also a global leader in specialty products such as fluorinated chemicals.
Porex Corporation specializes in porous plastic components for venting, wicking, filtration, thermal management, diffusion and media support.
Founded in 1947, Herco now stands for water treatment equipment "Made in Germany" with membrane technologies as a core competency. Our flexible production department enables us to satisfy our customers' special requirements, ranging from single piece manufacturing to series production.
Salti is produced in the modern facility of Med Mar Tuz San.Tic.A.S. established with Swiss technology. Halite / Rock Salt is mined in rock salt deposits in Çankırı area and is being used as the raw material to produce fully refined salt, SALTI.
Dentaş Packaging & Paper Ind. Inc. has set its basic values, key factors to success, policy, mission and vision within framework of “People First” and “Growing and sharing together with society” principles as a leader company in sector aiming to increase profitability and efficiency with continuous improvement and total quality.
With experience of over 30 years, Arkas Shipping and Transport constitutes the core of the Arkas Group. Ever since the days when transportation was conducted by sea and railways , Arkas has continued to evaluate carefully the shippers expectations from the point of view of time, safety and cost, renewing itself in response to changing conditions and serving as a pioneer of the maritime transportation sector..